Shimera, God’s Dragon Chapter 5 Caine and Abel

Chapter 5    Caine and Abel


Shimera and Michael left the Garden and a Seraphim in all its fearsome beauty took its place to guard that sacred place.  The Garden became invisible to the human eye.  With her dragon-sight,  Shimera saw flashes of the Seraphim.  She knew it would be a fearsome foe and was glad she was on the same side.

” Princess, you have a lot of land on which you can roam.   You will find that some things have changed for you.”  Michael began.  “For one, your appetite will have changed.  You were treated mercifully, you have retained your limbs and do not eat the dust of the earth,  your ability to glimpse the spiritual.  These are all great gifts.  But have a care, child.  You must follow the Father’s law, always and forever.  If you violate His law, you will become as the others.  Stay in communion with Him.  You are the only creature who has this ability.  Remember my words and do not give it up for anything foolish.”

Shimera’s belly rumbled she was hungry again.  This time, however, visions of deer and  goat came into her head rather than the red, ripe watermelon, the spinach, strawberries, and cantaloupe she had craved before.  Confusion eclipsed her mind and in moments she found herself in flight, adrift on the thermals, scanning the landscape for likely prey.  She was still trying to comprehend all this as she saw a lone mountain goat and swooped in searing it’s skin with a fire as hot as the sun.  The goat never knew what had happened, the attack had been so fact.  Her fire had burned the fur and outer skin away and the meat was exactly the way a young dragon would like it.  She snatched it up and flew to a secluded spot and warily ate her meal.  Instinct told her that other meat eaters would challenge her for this meal and she had to eat and move on before they found her.  One lion or hyena was no match, but a number of them could cause her some discomfort and possibly damage a wing.   Her dragon’s personality craved seclusion so she finished her meal, leaving some for those who could fight for and keep it and went in search of the perfect cave.  Her instincts had taken over, she had forgotten about such things as fruits and vegetables.  The dragon in her was dictating its needs.

Shimera searched for days.  The days turned into weeks.  She was urged east.  The land was dry and barren, water was scarce.  As she flew over this barren land she changed, not only in growing larger, for dragons grow quickly.  They must or warring factions will cannibalize them,. Her thinking started to change.  She became focused on the here and now, for that is as animals think.  They have no concept of past or future.  Animals have no concept of pity, humility, kindness and these traits were fast being forgotten by Shimera.  She was becoming dragon.  Fearsome.  Ruthless.  Terrible Dragon.  She had forgotten her time with Michael,  of her walks with Jesus Christ.  She no longer had any memory or concept of a human being.

Shimera’s custom was to follow the herds and pick off the strays, those who could not keep up.  One day she saw a calf alone and started her deathly attack dive.  Something stopped her short.  She had no idea what it was.  She shook her head angrily turned in mid flight and soared off to a safe place she had located for the night.  It would be a hungry night for she had found no dinner.   When she arrived at the outcropping of rock she was in a sour mood.  It was rare that she missed her prey and there was always something she learned from the loss.  This, this was something different.  Her mind was now dragon and could not grasp the reason for allowing the helpless newborn to live.  She landed and moved some rocks, shook some leaves so make the ground somewhat softer, roared in frustration turned around three times before settling in for a restless night with an empty stomach.

There was a footfall near by and the feather-like protrusions on her neck stiffened.  She swung her long neck around, her eyes glinting fire.  Before her stood a being she did not remember ever having seen before

“Beautiful Evening, Princess.” came a deep voice.   The sound soothed her prickly temper and  seemed strangely familiar; but the dragon in her was strong and her eyes lit with fire.  “Shimera, remember.  Remember your beginnings.  Surely you have not forgotten Michael already.   Has Lucifer been at you?  Have those two idiots Our Lord saved hurt you?”  With that, Michael took out his sword ready to do battle with the air, with anything that got in his way.

She was still reaching through the fog of memory to capture what was so familiar about this voice, this form; but she knew she was in no danger and she could not be angry, even though he was interfering with her sleep time.    She snorted as if to clear her mind and then put her nose close to this being and began to smell and sniff..  her eyes closed and she continued sniffing and in the process knocked him down.  She put a claw on him just to hold him in place and began a more detailed sniffing process that reduced this huge being to ridiculous sounds and wiggles and wriggles as her nose and drooping feathers tickled him.  He began to laugh out loud and push back on her head.  “Enough Baby Girl!  Enough!  I just can’t take any more!” The sound soothed her prickly temper and seemed strangely familiar; but the dragon in her was strong and her eyes lit with fire.  “Shimera, remember.  Remember your beginnings.  Surely you have not forgotten Michael already.   Has Lucifer been at you?  Have those two idiots Our Lord saved hurt you?”  With that, Michael took out his sword ready to do battle with the air, with anything that got in his way.

She was still reaching through the fog of memory to capture what was so familiar about this voice, this form; but she knew she was in no danger and she could not be angry, even though he was interfering with her sleep time.    She snorted as if to clear her mind and then put her nose close to this being and began to smell and sniff..  her eyes closed and she continued sniffing and in the process knocked him down.  She put a claw on him just to hold him in place and began a more detailed sniffing process that reduced this huge being to ridiculous sounds and wiggles and wriggles as her nose and drooping feathers tickled him.  He began to laugh out loud and push back on her head.  “Enough Baby Girl!  Enough!  I just can’t take any more!” Suddenly, almost like an explosion the fog in her mind disappeared and memories began rushing back, tumbling faster than she could take them in.  She put her claws to her head and cried out in distress.  It was too much!  So many memories; so much had happened and suddenly she had been just dragon.  Now here he was again, her guardian!  But he seemed so small as she had grown.  Perhaps the tables would be turned and she would be HIS guardian!

She was stone still as the memories settled and ordered themselves in her mind.   Michael just stood, leaning on his sword, patiently and companionably waiting for her to be ready for he had much to share.

Suddenly, almost like an explosion the fog in her mind disappeared and memories began rushing back, tumbling faster than she could take them in.  She put her claws to her head and cried out in distress.  It was too much!  So many memories; so much had happened and suddenly she had been just dragon.  Now here he was again, her guardian!  But he seemed so small as she had grown.  Perhaps the tables would be turned and she would be HIS guardian!

She was stone still as the memories settled and ordered themselves in her mind.   Michael just stood, leaning on his sword, patiently and companionably waiting for her to be ready for he had much to share.

“Have you watched for His promise as we had talked, Princess?”  Michael asked?

Shimera looked at him with inscrutable eyes for a long time and then looked back to the moon lit sky.  Silence.

Michael was unsure if she remembered so decided to stay quiet.  Better to wait than tax her and have to fight her.

“R.  R_R  DRGN”  It was a rough, gravely sound.  One he had not expected to hear from her.

He stared at her for a moment, “Yes,  you are dragon.  You are Shimera, God’s Dragon.  Do you remember?”

There was a long silence.  “Dragn shmra, God.”

“You remember!  That’s my girl!”  Michael jumped up and almost hugged her.  But she had raised herself to her full height.

“Shmra DRAGN! ”  she stated with dignity only a dragon can give.  “Machl, not God.  God want, God talk.”  Her message was simple.  She had in her eyes outgrown Michael.  If the Father or Jesus wanted something they could not sent an emissary.   She had forgotten much. But she was also being true to her dragon nature.

Michael’s heart hurt.  He had not been prepared for such a formal and firm rebuff.  It had been months and in that time Shimera had grown and the dragon in her had taken over.  She had survived very well and just today had shown mercy even though she did not understand why.  The young innocent dragon he had snatched from Lucifer’s hands was still in there.  He had little time left to make sure she remembered who she was and who she identified with.

Shimera was soaring high above the land switching from one thermal to the next.  She would bank and turn, five and bank and rise on the next.  She made it look so easy.  She had become very skilled since Jophiel had expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden her simple flights had become studies in grace.  When she was on the hunt, he had noted her economy of movement sacrificed none of the grace of flight.

“That’s my girl”  Michael thought to himself proudly.

As he watched her delicate beauty soar in the night sky a blackness approached from the north.  Shimera became more watchful and her flying took on a more deliberate more powerful posture.

“Hey sweet cheeks!  Remember me?  My buddy gave you that name, but I figured I could use use.  Figured you’d be pretty lonely about now and could use some company.”    It was Drago.  Filled with pride and evil.  He had grown into a magnificent dragon, but was filled with hate and evil.  He had sat at Lucifer’s feet drinking in all the poison the fallen one would speak as truth.  Drago’s job was to turn Shimera to their side.  It did not matter whether it was through friendship or though force but if she would not be turned the orders were she would not live.

Michael stayed quiet;  Drago had not noticed him.  If it was a brief test the waters visit, there was no need for him to get involved.  Shimera  was a formidable dragon.  The more Michael looked at Drago, however, he saw a power that he realize could overcome Shimera.  He readied himself

Shimera looked behind her and saw Drago.  She banked toward a plateau and landed.  Drago lumbered up beside her.  His landing not nearly as graceful, but the power was unmistakable.  He was easily a head taller than she was and he was black as night.  Theirs was “dragon talk”  so all Michael heard was roars, hisses, clicks, and trills.

The “conversation” went on for a while and got louder.  Although he could not understand the roars, hisses, clicks and trills, he could tell that it was not going well.  Then out of the corner of his eye, Michael saw a movement.  He use stealth and speed and was not surprised to find a second dragon lurking just our of sight.

“Droga, can’t say it is good to see you, or your friend for that matter.” Michael remarked.  Droga had not sensed him and spun and tripped over himself.  “I see time has done nothing for your looks, what, did Drago get the looks AND the brains?  Bummer.  Must suck to be you, huh?”  Michael goaded Droga.

“You cannot get me to fight you, coward.” Growled Droga.  “I am not here for you and My Lord Lucifer has told me I must be obedient to the letter tonight.”

“Why, What is so important tonight?”  Michael leaned on Droga’s haunch.

“It is not for anyone to know.  That is what my lord said.”  repeated Droga, not taking his eyes of the obviously arguing Shimera and Drago.

“Hey, he couldn’t have meant me, old buddy. “  Michael had not given any hint of the alarm he felt inside.  He just leaned impudently against Droga’s leg as if it was the most natural thing to do.  I am in charge of justice, all justice.  If I don’t know what is going on, I can’t do my job.  I know you don’t want that to happen, Droga.  Especially if something came up and I had to tell Lucifer I asked you but you wouldn’t tell me.  He would get really mad, do you understand that, old buddy roo?”

Droga stood for a moment, his eyes almost crossed trying to figure out what to do.  Lucifer had said no one, but if Michael was in charge of Justice, then he had to know cause he was, well, like in charge of justice.  He didn’t want to get in trouble for opening his mouth, but what if he was supposed to?  His simple mind kept going in these circles, never finding an answer and Michael interrupted.

“Now, bud, I am going to have to go break up that fight over there and someone is going to get in trouble.  If Drago is following orders, I need to know.  If Shimera started it I need to know that too.  You see how this works, bud?  How do I know who to blame if I don’t know the whole story?”

Drago and Shimera were in an out and out brawl now and Michael needed to know just how far to let this go, whether Shimera was in danger.  He was about to become more persuasive with Droga when the slower dragon made a decision.  “I don’t want my friend or my boss in trouble.  My boss told Drago to come over and get the girl to move to their side either nice or mean or kill her so you see, Drago is only doing his job.”

“Thanks, Droga, now it’s time for me to do mine,” yelled Michael as he jumped into the air and took off.  He pressed a button on his chest and spoke into it.  In a few moments a platoon of warrior angels would be by his side.  He did not want to take any chances with Shimera’a welfare.

Suddenly there was a flash in the sky.  Shimera had changed into a mass of blue flame.   Shimera seemed to change from a delicate feathered dragon to a fearsome blue flame that Drago could not begin to fight.    She snapped and ripped at his neck and soft underbody, laying open large gaping wounds, but he could clamp down on nothing but air as the blue flames would dissipate at his touch.

In pain and anger, Drago gave a great deafening roar and dove in for a killing strike, white hot fire pouring fiercely from his gaping maw.  As the fire hit Shimera, she screamed and there was too much smoke and commotion to see.  Once the smoke cleared, the sky showed no sight of a blue dragon, only flue flame.

Michael stood stunned as he stared at the empty sky;  a look of unbelief on his face.  He looked out on the plateau and saw the ripped and bleeding body of Drago.  He looked more for a second body, a blue one, but all there nothing except mass of blue flames in the sky.  Wait, had she changed or had she learned to throw blue fire in such magnitude that it covered her and that evil black one.  The sky was lit with blue flame and there was a horrendous scream, one filled with pain and fear.  Drago fell from the sky and landed with a dull thud.  His body was torn, broken, and bleeding.  He was still alive, but just barely.

Droga crept over to Drago to see how he could help,  or find a way to take some credit and rescue some part of the night’s misadventure.  He was so tired of Drago’s taunts and orders, he thought to just leave him there for the justice angel.  Then he remembered how fond Lucifer was of Drago and sighed.  He knew he had better do something to get Drago home.  He let out a low deep rumble, similar to what an alligator would make.  Presently some demons came along.  There was some squabbling as to who was going to do what, but eventually they figured out how to take Drago back to his hideout, not that anyone was willing to dress his wounds or help him in any way.  In Lucifer’s kingdom, you made it on your own or you didn’t.  It was every man for himself.

Michael sat down heavily on the edge of the plateau.  “Father, I have done everything you have asked.  I have loved this dragon, lost my heart to her.  I have left her to the ways of this earth because You asked me to.  Now I have watched her fight to stay on Your side and I have seen her die.  What was the point, Lord? “

All was quiet, there was no sound, no answer.    Hints of dawn began to light the sky and in the distance he saw a figure, He rose up on his own wings and flew to meet what he hoped was his princess, his Shimera.  She flew toward him, using the thermals as much as she could.  She had wounds, none serious, but it was obvious she was exhausted.  She slowly descended to the plateau where the night’s happenings had started.  Behind her came a squad of angels, along with Gabriel.  Michael looked at the group in askence.

“Brother!”  greeted Gabriel with a big smile.  “You did send out a call for assistance, as I recall.”

“Well, yes, Gabriel, but I called for my own personal squad, I did not mean to call you from your duties…..”

“Oh, but you were my duty, Michael.”  Gabriel grinned.  “After all, we can’t have sheriff Justice bringing wayward dragons to justice and leaving the rest of the universe to its own devices!”

One day she will know as will We, that her actions are of her own free choice.  She still has the knowledge she did before, but is once removed from the experience so her choices will truly be her own.  Her life must be her choice, Michael.  Not, it is.  She is still your “Princess”, but she is not as well.”

They both walked over to an unconscious Shimera.

“Will she recover?”  Michael queried?

Gabriel came over and used his healing touch on her.  “We just need to get her to a safe place where she can rest.  She will need access to water and have some easy food near by.   I think we should take her to Mount Moriah.  There is water and food there. ”  Michael agreed and the squad of warrior angels carried her to Mount Moriah where a cave  was hollowed out for her.  They placed some rushes on the rock floor and left the exhausted dragon to sleep and heal.

While she healed Adam and Eve had also been moving.  Much of the land had been arid and desolate, not fit for cultivating crops or raising herds of goats or sheep.   They had finally settled in what is now known as Hebron.  The land was fertile and lush with vegetation near the Jordan River.

When they settled in the Hebron area, Eve was heavy with child and gave birth to her first son.  She named him Cain which means “spear”.  She became pregnant again and had another son, this one was named Abel which means breath.  The two boys had a contentious relationship, Abel seemed to bring smiles to his parents faces more swiftly.  He early on showed a patience and talent for animals and was given the trust of handling the herds of goats and sheep for the family.  Cain resented his brother deeply.  He felt favor did not rest with him and  jump to conclusions when none was needed.  He had his own talents, but failed to see them, seeing instead only the skills of his brother.

“Adam,”  Eve would often say, “I am worried about Cain.  He is so good at what he does and he does not see it.  He is always so serious.  I so seldom see him smile now.  He was a loving baby, but something happened.  He seems so angry now.  Can you talk to him?”

“Eve, you are a good mother, but you worry too much.  Cain is fine.  He just takes his job very seriously.  I think he feels Abel fools around too much.  Don’t you worry, you have enough to do with those daughters of yours!”  Adam jumped up and chased after two girls, who squealed and toddled as fast as their little three year old legs could carry them.  He caught them both and swung one up to his shoulders.

“Me, Daddy, Me!” cried the other.

“Don’t worry, little one, you will get your turn.  Go and see your mother and I will be back in a moment.”

The child stopped and made a face but then Eve called to her offering a treat of honey and she ran for the special sweet.  Adam continued toward the field of grain with the toddler on his shoulders.  He had not wanted to worry his wife, but he, too, had seen the signs of discontent.  He had tried to draw Cain out, but the very fight for survival left little time for much else.  The were fighting the weather or the wild animals, the unyielding earth, hunger.  Adam thought again of his favorite lion from the Garden.  He had seen it just the other day.  It had been hurt in a battle with another lion and was a shadow of what it had been in the garden.  Upon seeing Adam, it had roared and limped off to die in peace.  Adam felt Cain was a bit like that lion.  He could not have helped the animal, but he would help his son if Cain would let him.

“Cain!” Adam called to his son.    It was rare, but he had seen a smile on the usually stony face.  Adam’s smile quickly faded as he saw Cain’s smile dissolve into a scowl.

“Father.  I see you have come to oversee my efforts.  Is my work not up to your standards?  What do you wish to point out to me today?”  said Cain, anger on the edge of his words.

“Cain, I came not for any of those, just to share your company and these pasties your mother made.  I thought we could pass some time together before the sun burned too hot.  I might help you with some of the tending if you had a mind to let me.  Oh, those grapes you brought back were exceptionally sweet, see here, I brought some juice for us to enjoy.”

His father’s words disarmed Cain and he was quiet.  He accepted the goat skin and the pastie his father handed him with a grunt and sat down on a nearby boulder, eating in silence.

“So tell me, son, have you been offering daily praise to our Creator and God?”  Adam inquired.  He thought this might be a good place to start a talk, it seemed innocent enough.  Little did he know he had just touched a very sore spot.

“What, the one who kicked you and mother out of the Garden?  The one who cursed this earth so  that thistles and spurs dig into your feet and biting flies and insects make any day a miserable one?  The one who gave mother those terrible pains when she gives birth?  No, Father, I see no reason to give praise to any being who would curse us so terribly.  All for eating a piece of fruit?  I see no reason to give such a one thanks or praise.”  Cain threw down his wine skin and stormed off, muttering about tending the grape fields.

Adam sat still, stunned at his son’s outburst.  Had he ever displayed anger or resentment toward the Lord?  Said anything?  He understood now why they had been cast out, for if they had broken the only rule there was, what would they have done next and the Lord’s rules were not to be trifled with.  Cain had not been able to see the whole picture so he had build this totally false idea up in his head.  Suddenly, his face became set, anger burned in his eyes, and self-reproach.  This was Lucifer’s doing.  Why hadn’t he seen the signs?  why hadn’t he picked up on the sarcasm that started to enter into conversation, or the way he fled the family during praise and worship time.  Adam had been determined not to allow his children to fall into the same trap he and Eve had and had worked hard to keep them where they needed to be.   He had not taken the directives of the Lord as seriously as he should have and when they were in the Garden.  He had been too busy enjoying himself, thinking how important he must be to have the ear of the Creator.  He had not taken the Lord’s teachings, the advice he received when they would walk through the Garden to heart.  Thus when Satan, the evil work had come, Adam did not recognize the threat and did not protect Eve from it.  He had spent months feeling guilty and angry and had blamed the Lord for their situation.  He stopped short and fell to his knees; “Lord, praise be unto You.  Forgive me for the anger I felt, for not having listen to Your warnings more carefully.  I now understand that what happened in the Garden was my fault.  If only I had listened to you.  Forgive me, please.  Protect my son, Cain.  Please Lord, my sin  has fallen on Caine because of my own anger.  Please Lord, punish me, protect my son.”

There was a shimmer in the air, “Adam, I forgive you, your sin is thrown into the Sea of Forgetfulness; however, you must bear the consequences of that sin.  Cain is a grown man and you have taught him well.  He must deal with his own choices just as you have had to.  However, I will protect him should he sin. ”

Adam knew he could ask for no more.  He remained on his face, “Thank you for your mercy, Lord.  Thank you.”

Time went on and Cain seemed to have gotten over his tirade.  Adam had begun again in telling the stories of the Garden, but highlighted the love and trust the Lord Creator had put in them.  He talked of the warnings that the Lord had given and how he had been foolish and not listened.  To have given a more truthful testimony seemed to have helped his eldest son.

Shimera had discovered Adam and Eve and their family in her travels.  She enjoyed watching them in their daily routines, always careful to stay hidden.  The one son, Cain, she did not like him.  Cain had an anger about him.  He would beat the ground in fury  and sometimes not even know what he was angry at.  Although it was obvious his gift was in making things grow, he envied Abel thinking he had been given the gardens because they wanted him away from the family.  He did not realize that Abel spent less time with the family due to the needs of the livestock.  His thinking was so colored with ideations of rejection that he saw only what he wanted to see, even if it was not the truth.

Abel, on the other hand, had an openness,  a genuineness about him that she admired.    Abel understood his place in the world and was content with it.  He would give praise unto his Lord Creator five times a day.  When he awoke, before each meal, and just before he retired.  During the day, Abel  would sing praises to the Lord, Creator and his voice was soothing to the goats and sheet and pleasing to Shimera as were the words.  Her memory of time spent in heaven seemed long ago, but she did remember that Jesus Christ, the Lord Creator was all powerful and deserving of all honor and all glory and all praise.

One day Abel was crooning to the sheep.  The day was warm and lazy.   Shimera was just over the hill stretched out soaking up the sun and being lulled to sleep by Abel’s  smooth voice and soothing words.    She dropped off, just for a little bit.  She became acutely aware that the melodious voice had stopped, as had the other sounds of nature.  There was a coolness where a shadow fell on her.    She opened her eyes slowly and raised her head and saw, much to her shock, Abel standing over her.

She raised her head slowly to take full measure of the man and who else may be around.  The Lord’s directions came back to her and in that instant she accepted her carelessness and her guilt.  She rose to her full height waiting for God’s judgement.  In the moments she might have, she uttered one phrase:  “Abl, luv Cratr, luv Ywh.”  She turned with resignation and took wing to the highest peak to confess her guilt.

Abel raised his arm as if to stay her, but stopped, realizing it was probably better if he did not get too close.  None of his flock was missing, but he decided he would spend the next few nights with them to keep watch.  He had never seen such a creature and that gravely voice, it …. spoke?  What had it said again?  “Abl”  okay, that was his name.  Luv Cratr,  crator?  creator?  That had to be it:  Love Creator!  Luv Ywh  okay love Yahweh.  Wait, Love Creator, Love Yahweh?  Love God?  How would a creature such at that know about God?  Abel had much to think on.  He decided not to share what had happened, he needed to understand it himself first.  He had not truly felt she posed a threat to him but this was the strangest thing he had ever seen.  It would take thought and prayer.  Abel set the dogs he had tamed to watch the flock and began to pray for understanding.

Shimera flew slowly to the top of Mount Hebron and landing on a ledge big enough to hold her she faced the sun and bowed her head to the ground in abject penance and acceptance of her fate.   The air was cooler in those altitudes and her skin began to sparkles as small droplets of water began to condense on her skin.  The sparkled as diamonds and with her size, the shimmer was easily seen for some distance.  Lucifer saw it and guessed what had happened.  He chuckled triumphantly, “I thought it would be one of those idiots,” he thought, looking toward Drago and Droga, arguing again, probably over some trivial thing, as was normal.  “I am glad I don’t have to put up with the whining I would hear from them!  Perhaps I can turn her to my cause now.”  He made to leave and then saw the unmistakable glow of another being.  He roared with frustration and anger and scorched Droga’s tail.

“OWWWCH!  What’d I do?” Whined the dragon.

“You live,” snarled Satan, “isn’t that enough?”  He stormed away looking for something to take his anger out on, something innocent, something undeserving of the wrath stored up in the fallen angel’s being.  He found a doe and her fawn.  Their pain was short, but intense.  There screams were almost human.  Even Drago shivered in fear when he heard the scream of the innocent victims.

Shimera also heard the screams and understood what had happened.  She shook her great head, water sprayed in all directions and she roared with a righteous anger.  She longed to fly down and avenge the torture and death of the innocent animals but a hand stayed her.  It was Jesus, the Creator Himself.  She immediately bowed  her head at His feet.  “Shmra sin, Shmra gulty, Redy judgmnt.  Shmra srry.”

Jesus watched the dragon for a moment.  He had known this moment would come, He also knew what He would do.  “Rise Shimera.  She arose and when he gestured, she settled gracefully at his feet in a more comfortable position. ” You have been through a great deal Shimera.  Do you remember what you said to Abel before you left?”

When Shimera nodded, Jesus said one word, “Why?”

She did not have to try to speak, He was in her mind.  She knew He already knew the answer, but He wanted her to put it into words, to articulate her belief.  Her thoughts were crystal clear;  “Because, My Lord, You are my Maker, my Creator.  You are the Son of God, the Beginning and the End of all things.  To You I owe my very life, my being, my safety.  You have protected me, looked after me, and I owe you all the love I have.  I offer You my mind, my body, my heart, and should I have one, my soul.  I give them freely to You in love and trust.  I have broken your rule, not purposely, but in an act of foolishness.  I am guilty of sinning against You and accept the judgement You give.”
“Shimera, I accept your gift of love and faithfulness, however, I will not take your free will from you.  You will need to choose Me in  any situation that requires a choice.  That is what will bring Me honor and glory.  Do you understand that? ”  Shimera nodded and Jesus continued.  “Your misstep was a foolish one, but your advice to Abel and your attitude of repentance shows you are ready to grow and learn.  There will be no judgement, do be more careful in the future.”

Shimera again put her head down by Jesus’s feet in praise and thanksgiving.

“Remember, little one, you are to stay away from humans but protect them whenever you can.”  Shimera looked at her Maker is question in her eyes.  “They must deal with free will as well and have many more temptations than you do, My Child.  Man is capable of some terrible things, but he is also capable to the greatest kindness and compassion.  He was made in Our Image and in time I will join him on earth to make the only sacrifice that will be acceptable to the Father to atone for not only the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden, but every sin that is yet to be committed.  ”

Shimera’s eyes widened in horror.  Her Creator?  He should spill His blood for these creatures???  She reared back in shock.  “They are My children, Shimera and those who choose to follow Me will join Me in heaven.  Those who do not follow Me, they will join Satan in the Lake of Fire.  There can only be one choice, one side.  I am glad you have chosen well.  Now go and sin no more , keep your wits about you, remember, you may  never harm a human in any way.”  Shimera  stood there alone and stunned.  She had been forgiven, had received a second chance.  She faced the sun once again and spread her wings and roared, giving her praise and honor to her God.

Abel never saw the strange creature again, although he would sometimes find a dead wolf near his flock.  He knew his dogs could not have done the damage that he would see, especially the burns.  He came to realize that the creature might be shepherding the shepherd.  She had good reason to.  Drago and Droga were on the prowl and had tried several times to get to Abel’s flock.  She had warned them off every time.  When the would possess a wolf’s mind, she had no choice but to kill the wolf.  She would leave them so that Abel would know he was to be watchful.

One night, while Abel was watching over the flock, Cain came out.  Shimera sensed his presence and instantly became alert.  She was well aware of his resentment of Abel.  “Brother!  What bring you out so late?  Although I must say, it is a beautiful night, a cool breeze, the moon is bright and the stars bedazzle the sky.” said Abel to Cain.

Cain just grunted and sat down by the fire, handed Abel a goat skin of grape juice and stared into the fire.  Finally he said, “Why do you sit out here night after night?   Do you not enjoy the company of your family?”

Abel laughed,”Of course I do, brother!  These are dangerous times.  Wolves have been threatening the sheep and I must be on guard against them.  Abel gestured to the wolf skins behind him.”

“You killed all those?  I never took you for such a warrior!”

“It isn’t me, brother,” Abel protested,  a warning beat at his head, “I don’t know what it is, but something attacks the wolves.  It’s the strangest thing.  So I find a wolf dead in the rushes and fall to my knees to give thanks to God for His protection and provision.”

“Well, then, you can come home, there is no need to stay out here night after night when your family is home in more comfortable surroundings.  Whatever it is that protects you is doing a fine job and you can take your rest.”  argued Cain.  He did not understand the responsibility Abel felt to the flock, to his family and to his God.

“Cain, this is my job, this is my responsibility.  Besides, I enjoy being with them, I can spend more time with my Maker and there is nothing more beautiful that a starlit sky.”  Abel responded.  There was a crack of thunder, some ominous clouds had moved in promising rain.   “Well you had best get back, brother, with this storm I need to get the flock to shelter, away from the rain and lightning. ”  With that lightning hit near by and a fearsome met Cain and Abel’s eyes.  Two black dragons, one tall with broad wings spread like skin over bone, the other short, low to the grown, looking like the very essence of evil had used the cover of darkness to creep up on the flock.

“What  – What are those?” Cain choked out.

“I do not know, but I need your help to get rid of them and protect the flock, brother!  Grab a staff and help me fight them off!” called abel

“You can’t beat anything like that.  We will each grab one and get back to the house as fast as we can.  We are better off saving what part of the herd we can than fighting off those monsters?”  Cain almost sobbed.

“Do what you will, brother, but I must stay and protect my flock!” Abel hollered above the roar of the storm.  He turned back to locate the demons he must fight and found Shimera standing with her foot on the neck of the small one and her teeth in the neck of the taller one.  Behind her he thought he saw a squad of warrior angels.  He only saw the scene, like something from a nightmare, for the second of the lightning flash.    At the next flash there was nothing, no monster, no creatures, no angels.  He quickly rounded up the sheep and got them under the cover of the overhang a couple of hundred yards away.  He could not even begin to understand what he had seen and questioned if he had seen anything at all.  But his brother had seen.  His brother had been so terrified he had run for his life, leaving Abel to fight off whatever was there alone.  The next morning, Adam and Cain came together to see Abel.

“Son!  Are you alright?  Cain told us of the creatures that were attacking your sheep!  How many did we loose?  It is alright son, you cannot save all of them!”  Adam was so relieved to see Abel he didn’t care about the flocks.

“Father!  It is good to see you!  We have not lost any sheep, they are all here!  I do not know what we saw last night, but whatever they were, I think the lightning  startled them for they fled doing no harm!  I immediately gave our Creator praise and thanksgiving for our deliverance.”

“Abel you are right, You were delivered from something fearsome and we must give thanksgiving to our Lord.  In three days I want each of you to make a sacrifice to God of your finest.  He has given us life, He has looked out for us and allowed us to prosper, He receives only our best.  Do you understand?  In three days, each of you will make a perfect sacrifice in honor of His protection and Abel’s deliverance.

Cain ground his teeth in unnoticed fury.  Didn’t anyone notice he had rescued a sheep?  He had carried it all the way back to the house in that storm.  It wasn’t even his job to watch the animals.  Did they notice?  Oh no.  All they could do was what they always did, carry on about Abel, like he was some great hero or something.  Seething with resentment, Cain began to mark out the most perfect of each of his crops.

On the third day, as Adam had decreed, Cain and Abel set up sacrificial alters and set their sacrifices upon them.  Everything Cain put on his altar was perfect.  He had gone to great lengths to make sure that everyone saw the care he took to be sure only the best of his vegetables, grains, and fruits were sacrificed to the Lord God.

Abel had also taken great care and had sacrificed a young lamb on the altar praying a prayer his father had taught him as a child, one of simple praise and worship.  A tongue of flame came down from the sky and licked up Abel’s sacrifice.  But Cain’s was not received.  Cain was at first confused and rearranged everything and then repeated the same prayer Abel had said, but there was no response.  He launched into a longer more grandiose statement of how he had made sure only the best of his crop was sacrificed, still it was not accepted.   Abel had returned to his flock while Cain sat on the ground in frustration.

“Cain.”  called the Lord.

“Here I am.”  Cain responded.

“Why are you surprised?  Sin is at your door, Cain.  You must cast out the sin, then your sacrifice will be worthy.  Turn from your sin, Cain.”

Cain sat for a while.  Then he got up and went in search of Abel.  “Abel.  The Lord spoke with me,  I must speak with you, let us walk in my field, it is just over there.  I need to discuss the Lord’s words.”

“Of course, Brother, of course!”  Abel had been wanting to talk to Cain, to share the happiness he had when he was giving honor to God and now Cain had asked him to come talk about it!

As they walked in the field, Abel tripped on a large rock.  “Forgive me, Abel,” Cain said as he help Abel to his feet.  I am preparing this field for grain.  I have not cleared all the rocks yet.  Please step carefully.”

“It is good to see you are being so successful, Cain.  Opening up yet another field.  Soon our sisters will need to work for you!  I am happy for you, Brother!”  Abel looked up at his older brother and was shocked to see Cain holding a large stone.  “Brother!  What are you doing?” Abel gasped just before Cain hit him in the head with the stone.  The first blow felled Abel to the ground, the second and third and fourth and fifth killed him and the other blows smashed his face so badly it was not recognizable.  Cain had screamed and screamed while he beat his brother with the stone.  In retrospect, he swore he had heard a second scream.  When the fury had left him his screaming stopped as did the blows to his brother.   Cain looked down at what was left of his brother.  He felt nothing , he simply turned and went back to tending his fields.  He disposed of his rejected sacrifice so his father would be none the wiser.

Later that day, Cain was working in his field and the Lord God spoke to Cain.

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”“I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  “10 The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. 11 Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.12 When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”  13 Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is more than I can bear. 14 Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”15 But the Lord said to him, “Not so; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.”

Genesis 4:9-15 NIV

Shimera had watched the scene with horror and disgust.    “Lord,” she prayed, allow me, Abel was special to me, he loved you so much.  Allow me to deal with this, this monster!”

“Shimera, I understand your anger.  He is only to be marked on the forehead, a permanent mark, can you do that and resist your urge to do more?  We do not want this one sin compounded by yet another.  You must not allow your anger to rule your actions.”

I am aware, Lord, and will follow your words.  As I think, to live a lifetime with this mark on his forehead.   To have to relive his worst act over and over.  A fitting judgement, Lord.  I will obey.

“Let it be done, then”  the Lord Creator replied.

Shimera lifted off and flew around the field where   Cain stood.  She angled down toward him and assumed attack position.  This was the part that  would get her into trouble.  She did not need to take off and angle down.  She could have placed the sign on Cain’s head from where she sat, but she loved the drama created by her flight.  Just in time, she remembered he must not see her.  She flew flack smoke from her nose that disguised her entire being.  It smelled of sulfur and brimstone.  Cain began to choke and at that moment, Shimera sent a puff of a spark toward Cain.  He fell, partly from the thick, choking smoke, partly from the shock of the spark that landed on and marked his forehead.

She returned to the sky and lingered for a moment, turned to the Lord God, bowed her head deeply, and banked on a nearby thermal taking off for her cave on Mount Moriah.  When she arrived, Michael the Arch Angel was there.      When Shimera landed, she walked over to him and rested her head on his shoulder.  A form of trust and acceptance of the other’s dominance for Shimera was a proud dragon, she had earned her place, and for her to relinquish it to another, well, he now knew she had truly made her decision to follow the Christ.    She looked at him, he at her and they both turned solemnly and began to walk toward the mouth of her cave and then broke down and laughed and laughed.    They took turned chasing each other and in flying in, out, around and through the clouds.  After a bit, they sat on the edge of the ledge.  Michael had some figs and grapes, thanks to Cain’s gifted tending of the garden.









Chapter 6

















Chapter 7
















Chapter 8

















Chapter 9
















Chapter 10


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