Moving All That Stuff!



By:  Katy Curry©

Moving.  Taking a person or persons and placing them in a new location.  It should be easy, right.  If I want to give my daughter-in-law a dress, I put it in the car, drive for two miles, and give her the dress.  Done!  It is moved!

It should be almost that easy!  When Abraham was alive, the people lived a nomadic life; they were always packed, just take down the tents, pack up the cooking stuff, put the kids in a cart and off they went to their next location!  Even then it was complicated, those huge tents!  The herds alone were huge and not always cooperative.

It is no better today.  Frank and I are moving, downsizing to a retirement home.  We are finishing one part of our lives and embarking on a new chapter.  We can bring little or nothing of what we have accumulated over thirty-seven years with us as that chapter in our lives finishes, the things, the stuff with it are necessarily leaving as well.  That should make it easy, right?  Welllllll, not exactly.  The china tea set from my great grandmother, she protected it all the way from Ireland!  The flatware that is sterling silver, the desk that belonged to my grandmother, the books I have accumulated that are a necessary part of my life, not novels, mind you, but study guides, reference books.  Then there are the art supplies, enough pictures to decorate two houses much less a two bedroom apartment!

As I look around me I have a mess, so much has already been thrown out, now the decisions about what stays and what goes.  What will the kids take?  Then my brother contacts me; he wants a few things too!

Jesus told us to store up our treasure in heaven, not here on earth.  He had an excellent point; not only can you not take it with you, but it sure is a pain to move around from point A to point B!

This “stuff” concept has been driven even closer to home for me during this particular move.  Frank is in the hospital.  He was diagnosed with sepsis.  I did not know if he was going to live or die.  The sepsis is gone, but there are other indications of an even more serious problem.  As I have watched my wonderful husband fight the sepsis, beat off a high fever being packed in ice, fade in and out of deliriousness, all this stuff has become totally unimportant.  Instead of worrying about where it will fit and looking forward to seeing it unpacked, it has become an encumbrance.   This stuff is right now not a blessing; it is a pain.

My point is, I need, we all need, to get over this having stuff!  We acquire it, accumulate it, pay a moving company a lot of money to pack it and take it to our new location and for what?  So we can say “Look what I have?”  We humans are so foolish!  We so quickly lose sight of what is truly important in life, sometimes even when the reality of it all is staring us in the face.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ must come first both individually and as a couple, He must be first in our lives.  Our second most important thing is our spouse or family, then our job, our church; our commitment to others, the stuff will come at one point or another.  The important thing to remember is that it is just stuff and worth a lot less than we would think, nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Jesus had the clothes on His back.  He was a homeless itinerant preacher.  His “stuff” was in heaven and what He shared with us was and is far more precious than the biggest diamond in the finest ring.  Each of us needs to develop a new perspective on “stuff.”

So, even if you have “stuff” that you truly need around you for your work or hobbies, stuff that brings you joy in your home, make sure it is there not for vanity but to give honor and glory to God.  It is a lesson I am working hard to learn.

So, on that note, would anyone like a pink and white tea set that is over one hundred years old?



“But we are descendants of Abraham,” they said. “We have never been slaves to anyone. What do you mean, ‘You will be set free’?” Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave …

Source: Slaves


Katy Curry©


An almost normal day exploded into something else at 3:10 PM.  She had gotten a text from her daughter-in-law Eunice asking if she would take Eunice and Samuel to the pediatrician. Everyone had been so ill, and Sam was not improving, but getting worse.  The appointment was for 2:30 PM, but the tornado watches had prevented Nelson from coming home to leave the car seat for little Sam.  Three tornadoes had hit that day.  Eunice finally decided to take a chance with the old one, so they got it into the car.  Sam was so sick he didn’t fuss much.  The ride went smoothly almost to the doctor.  Marie needed to make a left and had her left-hand blinker on and was waiting for traffic to clear so she could turn.  The last oncoming car had just passed when  CRASH!!!!  She was hit from behind and shoved halfway across the street.  By sheer instinct, she pulled her car over the rest of the way so she would not get hit again.

She was out of her car as fast as her short legs would let her move.  The driver of the vehicle was coming across the street.

“I’m so F%($*%^)$ sorry….”

“How dare you use that language to me!  I am trying to get my sick grandson to the doctor, and now you do this and then drop the “F” bomb!  Put a decent tongue in your mouth and dial 911!”

“Uh, Yes Ma’am.  I am so sorry, I hit you, and I upset….:” the young man blubbered.

“What are you crying for, are you hurt?” Marie asked, still angry with him.

He continued to sob and was working on getting control; Marie was still too upset and shaken to feel much other than irritation and anger.

“Just call 911, I don’t need to hear your platitudes.  Oh, heck, I’ll do it.”  Marie went back to her car scared to look in the back seat but knowing she had to.  Eunice, I need my phone, oh heck, the sun is so bright I can’t see it!  Are you okay, is Sam Okay?”

Marie dialed and reported the accident and got off.  “Eunice, are you okay?  My poor car!  I was just getting ready to make the second payment on it!.  Wait, you are crying, are you all right?”

“This just tops it, Marie.  The kids and Nelson have been sick going on the second week, Sam is sick, I have the wrong car seat, and now we have been hit.  Ow, my head!”  she pulled out a tissue and blew her nose.

“Eunice, do you need an ambulance?  Should I call Nelson for you?”  Marie was scared for her daughter in law.  Eunice was already suffering from bronchitis, had been so very sick, and now she was complaining about her head.

“Oh, no, Marie.  I had this big banana comb in my hair, and when my head went back, it dug into my scalp.  I am fine.  I need to call the pediatrician again and tell them what happened…”

“Hello, officer.” Marie broke off and turned to greet the Sheriff’s detective who had shown up.

“Ma’am, is anyone hurt, should I call for an ambulance?”

“Thank you, sir, but I think we are okay, I just want to get my grandson to the pediatrician, he is sick, and that is where we were going when I was hit…”

“Is the child alright, does he….He????? Need an ambulance?”  The detective was at the car right away wanting to check on Sam.

Marie assured him Sam was okay, just sick, not connected with the accident.  But it was strange.  Sam had given no reaction, just sat there. Sam suffered from SPD (Spacial Perception Disfunction) which is one of the manifestations of autism.  He did not know how to communicate and would become very angry and aggressive when he was trying to tell someone something.  He just sat there almost like a statue.  Eunice decided to leave him alone for the time being.

A road Deputy showed up and came to take our information.  He was very concerned when he saw Sam in the baby seat and Eunice crying.  “Ma’am, are you sure you don’t want an ambulance, are you sure everyone is okay?”

“Yes, I am certain, my biggest concern is getting Sam to the pediatrician to see she he is spiking such high fevers.  Can I just leave my information with you can carry him the rest of the way?  It is just down the street here…”

“Oh no, Marie, I don’t want you to do that,” Eunice called from the car.  I was able to reach Nelson, and he is on his way.”

“I just don’t want him to miss the pediatrician; he is pretty sick.”  Marie was starting to rub her neck.

Glancing across the street, Marie watched the two young men who had hit her.  Now a woman was over there.  Too young to me a mother, Girlfriend maybe, no…too old for a girlfriend.  There was fluid coming out of the bottom of his SUV.

“Yup, there goes his radiator.”  Remarked Marie absently.  “He sure walloped us.  My poor Baby!”  she said, referring to her car.

Marie and Frank had bought the car New Year’s Day.  They were so thrilled to be back in their favorite car, a Chevy Impala, they didn’t care it was an older car, to them, it was the best ride in town.  It was extra special because it was the same blue Frank had in his first Impala back in 1964 when he would fly along the Autobahn in Germany at speeds eclipsing one hundred miles per hour.

Nelson arrived about the same time Marie’s youngest son; Jackson showed up.  Jackson was kind of calm, Nelson upon seeing the damage to the car, knowing Eunice and Sam had been in it when the crash happened was wound tighter than an overwound watch.   Sam finally displayed some emotion when his dad showed up.

Nelson walked around Marie’s car, asked again if everyone was okay, and then asked what the Sheriff’s deputies were doing.  At that point, Jackson also pulled up.  Marie started to calm down now that things were being taken care of, the family was there, and she had time to adjust to her new normal.  She walked across the street to the young man who had hit her.  He had a look of dread on his face, and a woman ran up immediately.

“You are Justin?” She asked.   Justin, I wanted to apologize for coming down on you so hard.  I was upset, and my grandson and daughter-in-law were in the car so sick, but I should not have taken it out on you.  I apologize.”

“You’re grandson; is he okay?  He’s not hurt or anything, is he?” Justin asked.

“Other than the flu he had he is fine.  We were taking him to the doctor to see if he needed some antibiotics, no he wasn’t hurt in the accident, everyone seems fine.  Are you and your brother unhurt?”

“Yes, yes ma’am, we are fine.  Oh, this is my sister, Isabella.  She had the insurance card; we didn’t have one with us. ”

Isabella took over the conversation and apologized.  “We are so sorry this happened! Justin has never been in an accident before, and  he was genuinely frightened he had hurt you.”

“That’s why he was so emotional,” Marie responded.  “I was a little hard on him right after the accident and wanted to apologize.  I think I scared him.”

“Ma’am,” Justin interjected, “forgive me for asking, but are you a teacher?”

“Why would you ask?” Marie replied.  “Yes, I am a retired teacher.”

“Well, the way you reacted when I swore, it was just like my homeroom teacher,” Justin said.

“Well, now you know she was right!” Marie smiled. ” Those words may sound cool and all in the movies, but in real life, they will not serve you well.  I am glad everyone is okay and again, Justin, I apologize for being so hard on you without even checking to see if you were okay.  Take care of yourself.”

Finally, everyone left, Nelson took his family and finally made it to the doctor.  Jackson stayed with his mother.  The car was driveable, but the taillights were destroyed along with the truck.  After some discussion, a tow truck was called.  Eventually, Jackson got Marie home safe and sound.  It turned out Sam had a serious double ear infection but suffered no injuries from the accident.

The tale of the repairs is a different one that is still ongoing!



Where Did America Go?

Kathy Curry ©

AmericaI remember America, an America that was vibrant, that was strong, that was respected.  It was not the least bit unusual people who disagreed politically to agree on America.  No matter if people were Republican or Democrat or Independent the uniting factor was a love of country.  We cannot say that now.  Our young people hate America and would sell her and what she stands for in a heartbeat.  Are they stupid or hateful?  No, they have never learned about her, they have nothing to go on except news from MSNBC or CNN or worse yet, Twitter or Facebook.  The little bit of history they have learned has been revised to the point that you would not even recognize the country being discussed as America.  That is the saddest thing of all, our young people are being taught a lie so those who do hate this country can have their way.

I remember John F. Kennedy.  Yes, he had an “interesting” personal life and did things that Jackie, his wife, did not deserve.  Insofar as his presidency was concerned, he stood up to the USSR, he was about to get rid of the central banks which is probably what caused his death, we had what was called “Camelot” at the White House.   Jackie had a much-needed refurbishment done and once it was complete, I think her televised tour was one of the most-watched TV shows of the time.  The White House was the site of so many social soirees, but to they brought honor to America and representatives from other countries were given the appropriate respect, never forced to enter by the back door or sit in the corner as Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu was treated under the present administration.  Our country, whether one agreed with JFK or not, was run with dignity and strength.

I remember America.  An America where we were proud to march in the Labor Day or Memorial Day parade.  Showing respect for the flag was automatic and people were proud to put their hand over their heart.  During this time, men and women were proud to have their patriotism seen.

I remember America when it was acceptable to disagree with another individual and not be called racist or bigot because of a personal conviction.  I remember when boys used the boys room and girls used the girl’s room.  I remember when personal privacy and honor were respected.

I remember when boys respected girls and did not view them as sexual repositories for their own misguided passions.  I remember when something called “The Ten Commandments” was a strong moral guide in this country.

Today, in America what was once valued as right and proper is now reviled.  What was once right is now wrong, what was once wrong is now right.  America has lost her way. lost her identity.  America, I hope we can find what was once you and help you to come back.