This needs a redo, it is old as the hills.  I started writing on WordPress during a very difficult time of my life and ’nuff said about that.  We are back in SW FLorida now, own our own home and after a year of living in it, I think I FINALLY know how I want the furniture set up.  I think I may not survive if I have my sons move things around after this next move!

Anyway, I am a retired teacher, but still keep my  hand in by tutoring 3 half days a week.  It gives me a little lipstick money and I so love showing the children that learning and reading and writing can and should be fun!  I have been married for thirty seven years — yes, to the same man and no, I will not share him.  He is the love of my life, after my Lord Jesus Christ.

To be honest, I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper, everything is clean, but “lived in”.  It is so much more fun to do other things than clean!  This past year and continuing into 2016, I have been on a journey of discovery, of what I can be through Christ, Jesus.  My goal is to remain in His will and achieve greater intimacy with Him.

Intimacy.  Interesting term, right.  It is defined as a state of deep emotional closeness.  Jesus offered that first, twice.  First by creating us and next by paying for our sins on the cross so that we might join Him in heaven.  So in an act of relentless love and mercy, He has held His hand to each of us inviting us to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Ah, but I digress.  ok, I have three sons, 42, 36, 34 and three grandchildren, two boys and a girl.  I am also so blessed to have a step daughter who I am proud to claim and she has a daughter and 2 sons.  We live some distance apart so it is hard to see her, but I treasure her.

Oh!  yes, I am attempting to write a book.  the chapters show up periodically.  As I have learned to use this site I have made some errors in posting so the chapters are a little out of order, but if you can put up with that I would really appreciate hearing from you.  Is it decent or drivel?  Intended audience is middle school.

Well, for someone who promised herself to go to bed by 11, it is now 3:30 AM.  This going to bed on time thing is going to take some practice!    Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, I so enjoy seeing what you have done as well, so many talented people!  So thank you again visiting with me!




Kathy Curry


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