A Note of Apology

I have met some wonderful people on this site and I have let you down.  The posts I have read have been filled with feeling, so much talent, unique and wonderful ideas and I go off, as I so often do, and get involved in something else.  Nothing important, just this and that.  Oh, I always mean to come back, but what do they say about a certain road?  Something about good intentions?  So, my good friends, I owe you an apology, for wandering off following some pretty bird and getting lost, not finding my way back because then there was that baby deer, then a butterfly was so pretty I just had to follow it and I saw a waterfall and then …. well you get the idea.  I have another couple of chapters in that book.  I hope you enjoy them as much as you did the first.  I have to make sure they are complete.  Between the two computers I sometimes wind up with half a chapter on one and half on the other.

What I love about all of you is your  individuality, your honesty, your devotion to your craft.  You have much to teach me.