Shimera, God’s Dragon Chapter 1 Creation & Chapter 2 Heaven


Chapter 1                                        Creation

Once upon a time, before we understood time, when the world had first been created; God created a small serpentine creature. It was not a snake, it was not a lizard. Its skin sparkled like golden diamonds and its eyes were so deep you could get lost gazing into them. This little creature had wings and fins, almost like a fish. There was none other like it in the whole world.
She was so small she hid under the leaf of an elephant fern and shivered as she heard the sharp, heavy footprints of the evil one. He had stolen some of God’s power, or so he thought, and was anxiously looking for his “creation”. In a smooth deep voice he softly called, “Come little one, come to me. Come and meet your maker.” She hid and tried ever so hard not to whimper in fear. Satan continued to call, his voice getting closer and closer and less and less patient. Finally he growled in a most menacing way, “Come here, little one, you are mine, I made you and you cannot resist my call. Come to me before I must force you.”
The little one looked at her claws, at her scales and tail and wondered if she did, in fact, belong to this frightening being. Although he was beautiful to behold, the evil that emanated from him terrified her. She knew she could never live and obey the beautiful man even if it meant her life. She knew, she sensed, as beautiful as he was, he would bring her a life of torment and horrible death; a death that was eternal. She did not understand, yet she knew her fear was real and true.
Tears dripped from her beautiful, sad eyes as she tried to make herself smaller and smaller under that elephant plant leaf. Suddenly there was a great rustling and the bright sun glinted off her scales. Her sheltering leaf was gone! Her presence exposed!  His evil laugh sent chills of terror through her small frame.
“Well, it is not much, but it is a start.” the beautiful trickster remarked. “With the right training we can drum that softness out of it and it will be a great weapon against God’s favorite beings, those humans! “ He snarled with disgust and for just that moment, his true nature showed through the visage of beauty he tried to continue to project, he was the Fallen One. He had been the Father’s favorite until greed and thirst for power overtook him. He had rallied others to follow him as he challenged the Father for control of heaven. Although he could project the great beauty he had been created with, it was, little by little, fading. As more and more his true, evil, godless nature was projected, that evil eclipsed the lie of radiant beauty, eventually showing his true nature. Beauty, you see, is a reflection of God and His Love. Once you leave or are separated from God through sin the beauty that comes from Him fades as sin starts to take over.
Huge, ugly clawed hands reached out for the tiny whimpering being. Just when the little one thought all was lost, there was a sudden great rush of wind and a loud heavy thump. The ground shook, as did Satan himself.  Satan drew back in shock and anger. “Michael! What are you doing here! This creature is mine! You have no claim here! Go back to your Father and tell Him to mind His own business!”
Michael smiled and patiently waited for Lucifer, originally the most beautiful and move favored of all the angels, now a fallen foe, to finish his tirade.
“There, you are wrong, Fallen One. Our Father knew of your plans. How could you think that He would not know of your comings and goings, of your plans to pervert His creation? Does He not know all? You are but one miserable being, cut off from our Father and in anger storming to and fro to see who or what you can destroy. This precious one has a special mission given by the Prince of Peace Himself. It is YOU who have no business here. “
Satan snarled in anger and drew his sword. His teeth clenched and unclenched; sounds like a mad dog emanated from his throat.
His eyes bulged in fury as he prepared to attack and destroy his enemy. He moved quickly in an attempt to catch the Arch-Angel unawares but Michael parried easily and in an easy movement sent Satan to the floor. Satan’s four assistants, Hatred, Envy, Murder, and Gluttony, hissed angrily and began hurling curses at Michael and began to edge forward to aid their master. Satan spun around in terrible anger. Every visage of the angel of light he had once been was gone, left was a hideous dark being. He trembled in his rage and opened and closed his mouth trying to find his voice. Michael had backed up, to allow Satan to address his minions, angels who at one time had been friends.
” No Farther!” Satan spat out with every bit of venom and hatred in his being. “You think I cannot triumph over one do-gooder? You think that I, the one who is destined to take over the heavens and bend all to my will would fall to one such as this? Back and see how your lord is master of all!”  The four minions cowered back, groveling in fear. This choice they had made, this irrevocable choice was one they had come to see was an eternal mistake. For none can deny the Lord God and change their mind. Their thoughts were only of themselves, not of the One they had been created to praise and worship. There was no repentance in their black hearts, only regret of having lost the beauty, honor, and comfort of heaven. The pit in which they now lived was filled with a fire hotter than the sun. It was a fire that gave no light, the pit was blacker than black, the heat unbearable and the walls unbearably cold. It was a fearful place of opposites. One could find neither comfort, no solace there; for without the presence of God a place is a vacuum. There is no mercy or kindness in such a place, just a terrible sense of loneliness, of fear, of  emptiness.

Michael had taken this moment to lean on his sword and study this Garden of Eden closer, especially the little one he had been charged to bring back to the Father. How small she was, how helpless. Michael felt tenderness for the small thing, what had his Lord called it? A dragon. This dragon was covered in scales that reflected all colors, sparkling like a mass of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Her eyes were large and such a deep blue Michael thought he would never tire of gazing at them. The screaming and groveling had stopped and Michael glanced toward the evil one. “Ready for another go?” Michael asked mildly, disguising his revulsion.
“You will fall to me! You are the chief of His warriors, but your time is short. Soon you will be in chains and crawl begging to kiss my feet!!” Satan bragged.
“That remains to be seen, although I would say you are becoming quite a legend, at least in your own mind, fallen one. Let’s get on with it; I have more important things to do than gambol with the likes of you!”
With a deafening snarl of fury Satan flung himself at Michael. It was a measured attack as Satan was no fool. Michael dipped and parried and their arena grew as swords loped off the tops of plants and trees and feet trampled them into the ground. Satan and Michael were not small beings, not the size of Adam and his woman, Eve. The two fought ferociously for a few minutes then Michael made a comment that sent the chief demon into a fit of fury. “Now, Lucifer, this has been fun and I did need to hon some skills, but isn’t it time you stopped …..” he dipped and spun away from the devil’s sword for Satan was truly a superlative fencer, “that was a good one! oh, playing …” another pause and then he locked swords with the epitome of evil, “…playing and we finished this little show?”
Satan roared a roar that was heard into the heavens. All logical thinking left him and he began to fight in fury, without thought, only emotion. Michael smiled and in an easy movement, pinned the traitor to the ground. He was poised, sword lifted high aimed for the evil one’s throat, ready to strike with all the strength he had in him. He would be done with this demon, this betrayer of Christ! He began to lunge and he felt a hand on his shoulder; a soft, rich voice came from the clouds and Michael furrowed his brow. “As You will, my King, but why? He has already caused such pain, has robbed You of glory that is rightfully Yours!”
Jesus answered him with infinite love and patience. “Because, Michael; man must be given a chance to chart his own course. He must be given the opportunity to use his free will to choose his path. All must happen as was planned. “
Michael blinked in astonishment. “But the suffering You will have to endure, the suffering that the people through the ages will endure. Is it not better to stop that now?”
Jesus began to speak to Michael. “Do as I say, Michael. What is to come will bring much glory and joy, more than you can imagine. My Father is right in what He says and We are wise to follow His wishes. There will be suffering, but those who choose Me will know joy greater    than you can possibly imagine. “
Michael bowed his head in acknowledgement. “Forgive me, Lord for questioning Your Word.”

The Prince of Peace smiled through the clouds. “You act in love, Michael. Mention it no more as it is forgotten. Now let the fallen one creep back to his lair and bring the being to Me.”

Michael’s sword lifted from Satan’s neck and he stepped back. Satan sprang with a snarl. “You see! He knows He cannot beat me a second time. I will repay this insult and reclaim my prize or be the instrument of its death. Mark my words!” With a hiss if fury Satan was gone.

Michael looked down at the terrified baby. “Fear not, little one, you are safe and your Father will look after you. Come and have faith. She continued to shiver and Michael saw she hid something to her chest. “What is it you have there, young one?” Michael got a closer look and sighed. “I am sure you are so very hungry, but that does little for your appetite I fear. Leave that fruit and let us take you to where you will be filled and never hunger again.”
She dropped the fruit and held her precious arms out to the Mighty angel. He gently reached out and lifted her to the safety of his breast and wrapped her in his robe. “Come, little one, let’s get you to your true father.” And with a mighty leap, Michael was air bound and flying powerfully and swiftly to what would be the baby’s new home. In her short life, she had never felt so safe, so comforted. She relaxed, snuggled into Michael’s arm and fell quickly asleep. Michael looked down at her and his heart melted. “I will look after you, little one, now and forever. You will be safe with me.” He whispered softly. As if in acknowledgement she snuggled deeper into his arms and a sigh of contentment escaped from her throat.
Michael thought to himself, “I, an angel, am supposed to be above such emotions, how is it this little one has stolen my heart? I must talk with Father when we return.” This and his reaction of such anger at Satan and his rush to follow his emotions rather than the Father’s Will worried him. “Father, in all things You must be first. Forgive my anger and my argument.”
There was a gentle sound, soft and comforting, as the Father chuckled. “Oh Michael, that is why you are one of my best, one I hold most dear. You were meant to be this one’s protector, so it is natural for you to feel as you do. There is nothing for you to confess, your actions were in love of Me and My Son, not for your own glory, thus even in your anger, you brought US honor and glory!”
Michael relaxed and then froze, in mid-air, “Me? I am its protector? But how ….. what???? I am a warrior, Father, what do I know of raising one such as this?”
“You love for her will help you and you will not lack for help once home. So many are anxious to meet Shimera.”
Michael swallowed hard. A feeling of both fear and joy rolled through him. He looked down at his sleeping charge, “Well my Princess Shamira, we will have a great adventure, you and I.”  As if on cue, little Shimera opened her eyes wide and just looked at the arch-angel with such trust he felt his heart melt. She made a soft low sound, soothing, content, she purred.




Chapter 2: Heaven


The sky began to change, as Michael and Shamira left the confines of earth and entered the first heaven; the realm of the birds and clouds.  It was quiet, serene for a moment and then the sounds and wild beauty of the upper atmosphere began to shriek and crackle and the nymphs of the electrical and magnetic fields that surround earth came into view.  Shimera awakened with a start and began to whimper and shiver.  Michael glanced down and smiled.

“Have no fear, little one.  It is just one of the many wonders your Father in heaven has created for those who shall live on earth; a fate which you have been spared.”  He explained gently.

Shamira snuggled more deeply down in Michael’s robe seeking warmth.  He smiled and began to hum a song that a mere man would one day write, one that sang of The Father’s praises;  one that brought joy to a warrior’s heart.

Our God is an awesome God  (Clang!  Clang!)
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom, power, and love!  (Clang!  Clang!)
Our God is an awesome God  (Clang!  Clang!)

When He rolls up His sleeves
He ain’t just putting on the Ritz,  (Clang!  Clang!)
(Our God is an awesome God)  (Clang!  Clang!)
There’s thunder in His footsteps
And lightning in His fists             (Clang!  Clang!)
(Our God is an awesome God)
Our God is an awesome God
Our God is an awesome God  (HOORAH!)

A legion of warrior angels fell in behind him and began to chant the words.  Swords would beat against shields at the end of each phrase.  The sound was powerful, wonderful, and deafening.  It caused nearby demons to cover their ears screaming in pain and writhing in agony,  The praise drew more warriors to join the legion.  Soon, ten thousand warriors were chanting the praise and beating sword to shield.  It was a terrible, powerful, wonderful sound.  All heaven paused to listen.   As they reached the last line, the warriors disappeared as suddenly as they appeared.  The praise had made Michael’s heart swell, had revived him and with renewed energy he sped his course up to the heavens.

The beautiful azure blue of earth had gradually changed to the white of the clouds, then to grey broken by the jagged marks of the sprites, now it was black, the black of the void of space.  This was the second heaven.  Shimera wriggled up to see the glory of the sun and the planets and stars.  Her wriggles made Michael laugh as he discovered he was ticklish.  “Now stop that, Little One!”  he gasped trying to catch his breath.  “We’ll both fall if you keep that up!”  Michael broke into another gale of laughter, rising on his back as he lifted the young one up and out of his robe.  “You bring me one surprise after another!”  He blurted as he struggled to gain his composure.  “It just won’t do to have the leader of the Father’s armies laughing so hard he cannot fight!”

Shamira figured out the cause of Michael’s strange behavior and strained with her tail to reach his ribs one more time.

“Oh! No you don’t!”  Michael quipped holding Shimera higher yet! ”We’ll have enough of that!”  As if on cue, a comet zipped by sending Michael tumbling and twirling into the void.  Shimera’s eye’s filled with wonder and fear and she uttered a great wail.

Michael quickly righted himself and once more wrapped little Shimera in the protective shelter of his arms and robe.  She shivered still and he hummed gently to her.  “See why we can’t fool around in the void?  All manner of things can knock us askew!”  He hoped his comrades in the third heaven had not seen his escapades.  He would spend the next ten thousand years being teased unmercifully.

As they reached the third heaven, the unseen place in another dimension of time and space which was the home of God the Father and His Son, Lord Jesus, and His Spirit, the blackness began to dissipate.   As the sky brightened, a plethora of colors began to appear, colors too new, too diaphanous, to ethereal to even describe.  The sky sparkled as if gems of every description were hiding just behind the wealth of colors.  As they rose higher the colors deepened some, but sparked as if kissed with diamond dust and rainbows began to appear of every size, every color and more color than any man has ever seen.  Beneath the rainbows were park like areas with every tree you could imagine.  Huge Oaks that spread out their branches to meet each other creating a bower for shade and comfort; mighty cedars, bigger and grander than any Lebanon would ever see.  Fruit and nut tree of every type that were always in season offering the sweetest possible fruit to any who came by.  The ground was dusted with flowers, daisies, violets, carnations, asters, daffodils and more all giving off a wonderful fragrance.  Not far away was the sound of laughter and play.  The little children were here.  They played with joy and angels surrounded them giving love and encouragement.

Shamira looked up a Michael, her eyes wide with questions.  Michael stopped his assent and walked with the little one to a nearby bench.  They sat and watched the children.

“These are the souls that will one day be on earth.  Some will spend a short time there before returning.  Others will return as young men and women or even very old.  Still others will never return because they will choose the Dark One, The one who tried to claim you.  Those who follow him will never return to this place, but descend into a pit of fire and pain and torture from which there is no escape.”

A small voice, hesitant, almost too quiet to hear spoke her first words:  “Why would anyone choose that scary horrible beast?”

Michael stared down at Shamira in shock.  “She speaks!  Not in a word, not in a sound, but in a complete sentence!  Will you never stop amazing me!”

Shamira smiled up at him enigmatically, only the way a girl can.  “M-M-M—ii — ch — aaa – el” she said, attempting to say his name.  It was as sweet to his ears as any sound he had heard.  “Yup, he said softly, that’s me.”

They sat companionably on the bench watching the children for a while.  Michael suddenly jumped, “We have dallied much too long, The Father waits to meet you, we must not keep him waiting!”

“Father, please forgive me, the bench, the children were so tempting……no, no I have not told her of Eliana yet.  …..  Yes, yes, right away Father.”  Michael concluded his conversation with His Father and snatched Shimera up.  We must continue, we are expected!”

Michael lifted his small charge up, wrapped her securely in the folds of his robe, and began again to rise.  “We are headed toward our Father’s House” Michael explained.  There is much going on in the Throne room, so do not become frightened, as is as it should be.”

Shamira barely heard Michael’s voice as she fingered his robe.  She had never noticed before, it glowed bright, like the sun, yet it did not hurt her eyes.  She determined to study on this.  This beautiful, being who had saved her from that terrifying beast.  The one who had strange noises as she had wriggled inside his robe, She had seen his gentleness, this Michael, had seen him fight; and he was a fearsome fighter.  She marveled at this being and knew she would do all she could to please him.  As they continued to rise to the house of God she could hear the constant chant of the angelic choir as they proclaimed:

“Holy, Holy, Holy,

Lord God Almighty”

Then they were there.  She beheld God the Father just as we read in Revelation 4:  8-11;

“They beheld the Mercy Seat in heaven where God sits.  It was surrounded by magnificent angels full of glory and power that proclaim and bless the holy name of God without ceasing.  Some of these are described as beasts, full of eyes, with six wings and neither rest day or night in their proclaiming the holiness of God “(Rev. 4:8-11).

There was a constant chant of holy angels who continually proclaimed “Holy, Holy, Holy” over the throne of God.  The Mercy Seat in heaven where God sits was surrounded by magnificent angels full of glory and power that proclaimed and blessed the Holy name of God without ceasing.  Some of these were described as beasts, full of eyes, with six wings and neither rest day or night in their proclaiming the holiness of God.

“Look!” a voice called, “They are here!  They are here!  With a rush of feet and wings all manner of heavenly beings rushed to see and welcome Michael’s new charge.  Shamira was totally overcome.  She had seen the few children in Sheol, she had seen Satan and his minions, but never as many beings as this and all rushing toward her.  She let out a great howl of fear and began to shake and tremble.  Then she felt wetness on her leg.  In her fear, she had lost control!  Again, something else to fear!  Why was liquid falling from her?  Then a reddish hue along with an uncomfortable feeling of warmth began to creep up from her tummy, which was quite empty by now.  This did not feel good.  Some who approached chuckled in a good natured fashion.

At first, Michael did not notice her problem, and then he saw her cowering and whimpering.  Upon taking a closer look he saw her problem but was at a total loss as to how to help.   He looked up at the crowd he had managed to hold off with askance.  “How ….?????”

Eloa, an angel known for her level of compassion stepped closer to Michael.  “Let me take the child, Michael,” Eloa whispered ever so softly.  I can help her settle in.  A very helpless Michael nodded his approval and Eloa knelt down to the terrified baby dragon.

“They say your name is Shamira,” Eloa cooed.  Do you know what that means?  Peeking up trying to stay hidden from the crowd, Shamira shook her head.

“Well, my child!  Come with me and I will tell you!  We will talk of angels, mobs, heaven, God, all kinds of things a lady needs to know. “   Eloa slipped her hand into the dragon’s claw and they ambled off with Eloa gesturing and showing the baby the wonders that could be seen.  Michael had noticed that Shamira had grown even since he had first beheld her.  Her colors were changing, more diaphanous than before and the amber fading to hues of lavender, pink, blue.

“Leave it to Eloa to make a bad situation better,” remarked Charmayne, known for her ability to create harmony in a difficult situation.  Dina, Guardian of the Torah and Angel of Learning, piped up, she was just closer than you were, Charmayne.”

“Oh, I think she was the perfect one to help, Dina.  Besides, I have seen her walking with the Arch-Angel.  They have a friendship and it is right that she was the one to help.  She will be a big help to Michael as the, the ….. what do they call it?  Charmayne looked around helplessly as the names escaped her.

“The being is a dragon, as Adam named those like her and her name   is Shamira.”  Raphael had walked up to join the conversation.

“Healer!” Charmayne jumped.  “You were so quiet!  I did not hear you!”

“The Arch-Angel chuckled.  I have been here, Char.  You have been the busy one, gossiping about one little creation.  Our Lord has made thousands upon thousands!  Have you taken a look?  Strange thing is, In a garden meant for peace and joy, I have already started seeing injuries.  It is so strange, the most gentle of the created ones, mostly lambs have cuts, gouges and other injuries.   I know the animals are not hunting, I just don’t understand it.”

The group got very quiet.  “Then you have not heard?”  Whispered Dina.  There is much to tell.

“Come!  Come All!  Hear the news” the arch-angel Zadkiel called in his great, rich voice.  “Come and hear of the trouble in the Garden!”

Eloa walked up to Michael with Shamira.  They were talking and laughing as old friends would.

“I am going to take her to meet our Master.”  Said Michael.  I am late as it is.    We will see you a little later.”  He smiled thanks at Eloa and walked toward the throne room.  Eloa smiled, started to wave, but then Michael, being him, had already turned and was ushering Shamira to the throne room.  When they entered, Jesus looked up and smiled.

“Ah!  Here she comes!  Said Jesus.  Beyond being overwhelmed, the baby saw a man clothed in a white robe that sparkled like diamonds.  His hair was glowing as would liquid platinum.  His eyes pierced to one’s very soul, but were filled with kindness and mercy.  He was wonderful and terrible at the same time and in a fear born of respect for this mighty being she fell to the ground and hid her eyes.   Michael had dropped to a knee in reverent respect, his eyes on the floor.

“You have done well, Michael.” Said the Lord.

Shamira heard that same rich voice as before.  She wondered to herself, “Is this my Maker?  My Master?”

Jesus turned to her and replied, “Yes, my little Shimera, I spoke you into being and sent Michael to fetch you.  But, it will be your choice as to whether you make me or the dark one your master.    Come, both of you and walk with me.”

Both Michael and Shimera arose and as Michael walked beside Jesus, the baby was careful to keep Michael between her and the Maker.  She had no doubt of His power, she was drawn to Him, but she kept her distance.  Jesus and Michael talked of the happenings in the Garden and what would be happening.  They came to a celestial garden and stood near a magnificent tree while continuing to talk.  Shimera quietly drew closer to the Maker, closer and closer until without realizing it she was leaning against His leg.  She felt her heart soar with joy at being this close and she knew He would be her Master for all time and her heart opened to him in complete joy.

Jesus looked down at the little one and smiled tenderly.  He put His hand on her head and accepted her silent praise.  “And you shall always be the apple of My Eye and in the palm of My Hand.  None shall be able to take you from Me, for you have chosen the salvation I offer.”

Shimira’s wide innocent eyes opened wide and looked upon her Lord and Master and she knew He spoke the truth.  She felt the love and peace of her Lord and Savior.  She was completely, irrevocably filled with love for Him.  Not a romantic love, one that was deeper and stronger.

Jesus smiled at her, “Go up to that house on the hill, Shimera, they call it the big, big house, and have some food.  I am sure you must be starved.”  Shimera realized she was more than starved and started to run up that hill.

Jesus looked over at Michael, “Lucifer is causing much strife down in the Garden, Michael.  He is gearing up for something big.”

“You know that that is, don’t you, Lord.”

“Yes, he will try to destroy what I have made.”

“Lord, what can I do?  How can I stop him?  I will bring all my legions down to fight him!”

“No, Michael, this is the beginning of the end, it will bring a time of intense trial and pain for man.   Your legions will be busy on many fronts protecting man from Lucifer’s worst onslaughts.  Shimera will need you as well, She will need your guidance, your training, and your protection.”

“Lord!  Why must she go back if all is to turn to what You describe?  She is safe here!”

“Her purpose was set before I spoke her into being, Michael.  You will see that she is different from the rest of her kind.  I have special plans for her.  There will, in earth time, come a human for her to protect.  She will face some very hard choices … for the both of you.  For now, she needs to return to earth, she is of flesh and blood and needs to be with her kind and face the life and challenges that await her.”

Michael bowed his head and nodded.  “Yes, My Lord, it will be as you say.”

“Keep watch over her, Michael, she will need a champion.”

“I will, My Lord, I will.”  Michael spoke with a resolute voice that warned of the danger to any who would hurt Shimera.




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