Names and what they mean

I have been giving this some thought.  You know, names are supposed to be a reflection of us, our character, our Temperment.  My name, Kathleen is from the Irish and it means “pure”.  Well, it took me some time to get there, but through the Grace of God, I am becoming just that.  God has set about, for years now, refining me and purifying, like pure gold.  I hate the process, but if I would just do His will life would be so much easier.  I pray He never stops making me better.

I think of my eldest son’s name, Frederick.  This means peaceful Ruler.  Erick has his moments, as we all do, but he lives up to his name.  He shows the patience and mercy of our Lord with a wisdom well beyond his years.  It had not been my plan to name him Frederick, but due to family situations, he was so named.  God’s way of setting Erick’s path.

Frank, my second son and my husband.  It means “Free Man” and I must say both of them, in their own way are just that.  Frank Sr. is free in that he is self sufficient all in himself.  He is satisfied with his own company and finds it difficult to socialize.   Yet a kinder, gentler soul you will never meet.  Frank Jr. on the other hand finds his freedom in his lifestyle.  He walks to the beat of his own drummer which has lead to good and bad consequences for him.  I fear his sense of freedom will eventually lead him to one of those “if only” scenarios, but he is a free thinker, takes care of his family and is a wonderful man and father.

Matthew.  I picked that name because I liked how it felt when I said it and how it sounded.  What a treasure he is now.  What does it mean?  Oh my ….  “God’s Gift”!   Years back you could not have convinced me of that, but he has grown and matured and truly is “God’s Gift.”  I now know why God never gave up on him and why I couldn’t, not then, not now, now ever.  Matthew was like the apostle Matthew and has grown just like the apostle.  God has many more things in store for him and will, with Matt’s cooperation, make him a gift to those whose lives he touches.

I could go on but our names are a reflection of what God has in store for us and how  we can bless and be blessed.  Why not look into your name, look at the promise it holds and how it can show you your path in life?  Remember, nothing is as random as we may think and there is a reason we have the names we have.


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